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richi 「unROCKSTAR★」
08 January 2009 @ 12:45 am
This account will still be alive (I was surprised that I managed to produce 150 posts) but I won't update here anymore. Please do add me on my new account 8D


richi 「unROCKSTAR★」
07 December 2008 @ 12:55 am

Sometimes you hate the world, sometimes you love it. Sometimes you feel tired, but you're actually not. Sometimes you just want to get caged in your own little world, mindless of all the things going around you. Soundless. A deafening silence from the confines of your own mind, a kind of peace I want right now, a floating feeling I want to trap myself into.

What a crazy day.
richi 「unROCKSTAR★」
26 November 2008 @ 10:20 am

Well, that was kind of disappointing but of course, that's a given since it's a movie adaptation. I was holding onto Lea's left hand the whole time, squeezing it when some of my favorite scenes from the book comes out. Hahaha. The kissing scene was awesome, that's all.

And. Emmet is just adorable. 8D


richi 「unROCKSTAR★」
19 November 2008 @ 08:32 pm
♥ I made two blogs in just a span of three days. Haha. One is for my Fil25 (Writing in Filipino) class and one is another livejournal account for a specific reason.

My professor in Fil25 forcedasked us to make a blog where we will post our assignments and papers, so as to reduce paper consumption, thus saving more helpless trees. Haha. I was so psyched that as soon as he said that, I thought of a username! Hahaha. My Fil25 blog is at blogspot, and I just posted our first assignment! I never thought writing in Filipino would be so hard! I was so used to writing in English that I had to use online translators for some words! I feel so pathetic! Hahahaha! Anyways, if you want to read or see it, IT'S HERE.

Well, the other one is my art and photography blog of sorts. I know I can post those stuff here but I kinda feel that this account is already too crowded with my RL dramus that if I add more art crap, it would burst. Yeah, that's it. Haha. I shall shamelessly plug it in a bitNOW.


Lame username, I know. The one I wanted is already taken and this is the first thing I came up with afterwards ;A;

♥ Anyways, school is still fine. Still no more papers and other time-consuming and brain-breaking tasks to do! However, Organic Chemistry really induces bucketfuls of nosebleed. The first lecture made me cringe. I wanted to collapse after OrgChem class. Haha.

♥ I want to buy a new laptop. I kinda fell in love with the HP Mini one when I saw it in the magazine. It looked so cute and small that I imagined myself lugging it around at school. Hahaha. I looked around in the mall earlier and I found out that it cost as much as a normal laptop, around PhP23,000. Kind of tempting, but then it lacks a CD/DVD drive so, GAH. The Compaq Presario one is cool and pretty cheap! AND THE SPECS ARE MORE TEMPTING ;A;

I need to talk to my parents. I hope that they would allow me to sell this old one so I can buy a new one! d(*A*)b